Treatments in Budapest

The natural, thermal water of Margaret Island enters the spa at a temperature of 70°C but is then cooled to a comfortable temperature - 34°C, 36°C and 40°C, but retaining its unique, curative ingredients. The thermal water on Margaret Island is famous for its healing in case of joint and muscle problems, certain degenerative nerve conditions, certain circulation disorders, and many other illnesses.


The thermal water is particularly effective for musculoskeletal disorders, muscle and certain nervous system disorders, as well as in treatment of peripheral circulatory disorders. Relax in the thermal water is perfect for everyday can relieve stress as well.


The hotel has a variety of recreation opportunities

  • Thermal bath
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Gymnastics pool
  • Traction bath
  • Sauna, infra-sauna, steam cabin, aroma cabin
  • Solarium, sun terrace


Treatments in Héviz

For decades Hévíz has considered as the "citadel of healing." Thermal water in the lake is ideal for diseases such as rheumatic pain, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, problems associated with sports injuries and for the most common diseases of our time - stress.


But the "disease" is not always necessary to treat only, but it can also prevent them. Relaxation and recreation in Hévíz perfect for prevention of various diseases, you should not miss the opportunity to pamper yourself and your body.


The composition and temperature of the water:

The composition of the water includes calcium and magnesium, sulfur and small amounts of radon. Biological activity is increased by the numerous chemical compounds that make the thermal water perform its healing properties. In the summer the water temperature is around 33-35 ° C, but in a very warm day the water can reach 36-38 ° C too. In autumn and winter temperature is kept around 24-26 ° C.